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Wavecom UC4040D
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The UC4040D is a fully agile commercial quality IF upconverter for data over cable and digital video-on-demand applications. Advanced design allows a single UC4040D to cover a frequency band from 53 to 857 MHz and still maintain a phase noise specification which exceeds the DOCSIS requirements of 64/256 QAM. Remarkably low out-of-band noise performance and low spurious are achieved through high level mixing, a microwave frequency IF and multiple levels of filtering. The UC4040D upconverter is fully DOCSIS compliant and optimized for 64/256 QAM cable modem traffic. Built-in power detectors allow for easy input and output level configuration. The remote control interface allows full control and monitoring of all frequencies and levels. This advanced, cost effective upconverter offers high performance, flexibility and space efficiency.

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